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I'm a journalist writing about pop culture, society, and politics.


Born and raised in Luxembourg, I now live and work in Berlin. I spent three years working as an editor for the bilingual magazine The European, followed by two years as an editor for Berlin’s leading daily Der Tagesspiegel.

I am currently a freelance writer, columnist for Der Tagesspiegel and correspondent for  Radio 100,7  in Luxembourg. 

My focus lies on cultural and political trends and how they shape society. With a soft spot for the obscure side of the news, I often portray personalities and events that otherwise escape the spotlight. 

I'm also co-founder of the online magazine The Idea List. Check it out if you've ever wondered how astronauts battle solitude, how shame shapes politics, and why Moby thinks we're all doomed.

My free time is spent digging through record bins and perfecting my karaoke version of Elton John's 'Rocket Man'.


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